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Roman City Property began onboarding in mid-October 2023 and were able to begin successfully taking and completing bookings through Concurrent by November. Streamlining and automating their administrative tasks has propelled the growth of their business. 

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“Concurrent has helped us see a big improvement in the speed of processing contracts, deposits, and Right to Rent checks. This has led us to our most successful lettings season to date.”

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Chloe Middleton, Branch Manager, Roman City

Roman City Property is a family-run, independent letting and property management agent in Bath, specialising in student lettings. They currently manage 380 properties across the Bath area and have plans for further growth.

They signed up with Concurrent just before their busiest ever lettings season. They were onboarded and actively using the system in time for the student rush. They experienced their most successful lettings season to date as a result.

Lightbulb icon - The Problem

The Problem

Before Concurrent, Roman City was using manual processes to issue contracts, collect and reconcile deposits, and carry out Right to Rent checks. As a result, each booking could take two weeks or more to complete.

The team were using a DocuSign package with a limited number of envelopes to issue their contracts. This meant resending contracts to issue additions or corrections was both time-consuming and expensive. Additionally, they were expending significant administrative effort manually chasing each tenant for compliance documents.

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Why Did Roman City Choose Concurrent?

Roman City was looking to streamline, simplify and speed up its processes ahead of its busiest period. The team turned to Concurrent due to the time saving capabilities of its contract signing features and the powerful integrations, including deposit collection, automated deposit protection, Right to Rent and referencing checks. 

Roman City was impressed by the quick and easy onboarding process, which was supported at every stage by their dedicated Customer Success Manager. They appreciated that they had a truly responsive and attentive person to assist them with demos and platform training throughout the onboarding process and beyond. 

"The turnaround time for support is always within 24 hours. When we need them, we can get demos on the same day we request them. There are no delays."

- Chloe Middleton, Branch Manager, Roman City

Lightbulb icon - The Solution

The Solution

“As the system itself is so user-friendly, there isn't an awful lot that can go wrong. Concurrent has made everybody’s life a lot easier and reduced workload.”

Chloe Middleton headshot image

Michelle Davies, Director, Roman City

Efficiency in automation

Roman City uses Concurrent for digital contract signing, Right to Rent checks, and deposit collection and reconciliation. Through Concurrent’s automations and integrations, they centralised their processes and eliminate unnecessary administrative tasks. As a result, they were able to cut the time taken to complete a booking in half.

Roman City has also received positive feedback from their tenants about the seamless experience of contract signing and referencing through one central, reliable platform.

"Tenants feel confident using one platform that can do everything."

- Paula Brook, Senior Valuer, Roman City

Before Concurrent, Roman City had an account manager who was solely responsible for taking, receipting, and allocating deposit payments from tenants. Integrating these capabilities through Concurrent has freed up an entire member of staff, allowing them to refocus on responsibilities that actively drive business growth. Roman City has now collected over 1,350 deposits through the Concurrent platform and protected more than 280 tenancies with the MyDeposits custodial integration.

Compliance with Concurrent

Concurrent’s integrated, automated Right to Rent checks provide Roman City with reassurance that they are always fully compliant. Concurrent uses government-certified identity document verification technologies to automatically check tenants’ right to rent, offering peace of mind. Roman City has now initiated over 1550 Right to Rent checks through the Concurrent platform. 

Roman City is now able to safely store its data electronically within Concurrent. Being able to use Concurrent’s reporting systems to understand a tenant’s situation at a glance has been another major benefit.

Utility referrals

Roman City has opted into Concurrent’s utility referral scheme. The team can refer tenants to our partner utility provider, The Student Energy Group, during the Concurrent booking flow. During the booking process, tenants will receive a real-time utilities quote. They can then select energy, water, and broadband packages offered by The Student Energy Group and continue signing. 

As the bills packages are offered as part of the booking flow, no additional effort is required from Roman City agents, but the conversion rate is high. Referrals are fully automated and the process is seamless, stress-free, and successful.

The Results

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Right to Rent checks completed

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Deposits collected

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Tenancy deposits protected

The drastic improvement in the speed of processing contracts, deposits and Right to Rent Checks allowed Roman City to spend more time on conducting viewings and ensuring tenant satisfaction. 

Concurrent also provided Roman City with the tools and capabilities to adopt a new team structure. They split their staff into a front-end team (who would carry out viewings and initial applications) and a coordination team (who would then complete bookings through the Concurrent system). This helped them tackle the busy season more efficiently and successfully. 

 As a result, Roman City has experienced their most successful lettings season to date. 

Roman City has also benefited from Concurrent’s utilities referral integration with The Student Energy Group, resulting in an impressive conversion rate of 26%.

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